What’s that? You don’t know who Larry David is? Shame!

You may think you’ve been unfairly shielded from the off-kilter comedic style of Larry David, but odds are you’ve probably experienced it already. Ever hear of a little show called Seinfeld? Well, Larry David is the co-creator.

Here’s a lesson:

If A = You and B = Seinfeld, then A + B = You’re a fan of Larry David.*

(*Editor’s Note: I failed just about every math class I ever took.)

But seriously, if you come home from work and watch Seinfeld on TBS from 6-8pm and then tune into PIX11 before bed to watch even more Seinfeld from 11pm-12am, then it stands to reason that you will love Larry David.

Larry David, everyone's favorite curmudgeon.
Larry David, everyone’s favorite curmudgeon.

Like many of us starving artists (although I don’t think I’ve skipped a meal since college when I had mono for a semester), Larry David started out as an aspiring creative just looking to get a foot in the door somewhere. He struggled to make it as a stand-up comedian, performing in some of the darkest and dingiest comedy clubs in New York City while simultaneously working odd jobs to pay the bills. He rose to fame in the late ‘80s after teaming up with fellow comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, to create one of the greatest television shows of all time. In 2000, Larry penned a deal with HBO to develop his own comedy television show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which Larry plays a fictionalized – but equally hilarious – version of himself. Thanks to Curb, Larry will likely go down in history as everyone’s favorite curmudgeon. (By the way, if you haven’t yet checked out Curb Your Enthusiasm, what are you waiting for??)

There are a million reasons to love Larry David, but here are my top five:

1. He speaks his mind.

Some may even call him a “social assassin.” Larry will never shy away from saying exactly what he’s feeling or thinking. In fact, nine times out of ten he’ll probably blurt out what you’re too afraid to verbalize.

Larry David
Larry David speaks his mind.

2. He’s a good tipper.

I’ve never worked in the service industry but I certainly appreciate the people who do, and so I have a whole lot of respect for good tippers. On Curb, Larry isn’t shy when it comes to opening up his wallet. Say what you want about his social skills, but the man knows how tip!

Larry David
Larry David is a good tipper.

3. He’s a New Yorker.

Although Larry resides in Los Angeles, he’s a native New Yorker. As a Jersey girl, myself, there will always be a special place in my heart for any actor/comedian/writer/showman who hails from the Big Apple. Larry sports that no nonsense attitude (unique to New Yorkers) wherever he goes. And you’ve gotta respect that.

Larry David
Larry David is a native New Yorker.

4. No one is off limits to him.

Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter – everyone is fair game to Larry David. As established in #1, Larry will always tell it like it is even if that means insulting the fairer sex or small youngsters. No one is immune to Larry’s blunt and boorish disposition.

Larry David
No one is off limits to Larry David.

5. He respects wood.

Okay, so this one is super specific to Curb Your Enthusiasm. (One more reason you really need to watch the show!) Growing up, Mom taught me to ALWAYS USE A COASTER because water rings are the cancer equivalent in the wood world. Larry David’s mother must’ve given him this same lecture since he sees nothing wrong with openly bombarding fellow party-goers with a barrage of questions that includes, “Do you respect wood?”

Larry David
Larry David respects wood.

Larry David is my hero, and you know what they say about heroes – you should never meet them! But I’d gladly test this theory with Larry because I don’t think I’d be disappointed. As the title of this post indicates, Larry David is pretty…pretty…pretty good.

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