Royal Blood's debut, self-titled studio album.
Royal Blood’s debut, self-titled studio album.

Folks, today my musical spotlight is shining bright on the British rock band, Royal Blood.

Formed in 2013, this musical duo consists of bassist/singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher. In the spirit of honesty, I’d like to fess up now and admit that up until about six months ago I’d never even heard of this band. To give credit where credit is due, I need to thank a certain radio personality for shining a light on Royal Blood. Shock jock, “King of All Media”, and the highly controversial winner of this year’s “Best Men’s Hair in America” award, Howard Stern discovered Royal Blood last year and couldn’t stop raving about them on his show. (Seriously, he wouldn’t shut up about them.)

For a two-piece band, these guys can seriously rock. To any skeptics out there who aren’t fully convinced, consider The White Stripes or The Black Keys as other successful musical duos. And what about throwing it back to The Carpenters, The Everly Brothers, or even Simon & Garfunkel?

Their debut, self-titled studio album, Royal Blood, was released in August of last year and includes a mix of songs inspired by a few different musical genres.

“Out of the Black” serves as the opening track. Although the duo originally intended to release the song as a single, it skyrocketed onto the Billboard charts in 2014 and helped provide the band with a sturdy foundation on which to stand as they dove headfirst into the unpredictable world of the music biz.


Another song that was intended to be released as a single (and more specifically, as the B-side single to “Out of the Black”) is “Come On Over.” One of the first things to pop into my head while listening to “Come On Over” is how similar Royal Blood’s sound is to that of Nirvana. In fact, that one, rogue strum of the electric guitar seems eerily akin to the tune in “Heart Shaped Box.” Am I going crazy or can anyone else hear that?


The one song that really grabbed Howard Stern’s attention last year – and subsequently prompted him to wholeheartedly rave about the band on his show – is “Figure It Out.” As Howard went on to explain to his fans, he caught the band’s performance at the MTV EMAs back in November and was immediately drawn to their style and showmanship. Forget about One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer, Royal Blood was the only “boy band” shaking things up that night. In my opinion, this song is a bit lighter than the rest on the album and carries with it a catchy tune that, like it or not, you’ll find yourself humming later.


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Royal Blood

Other notable songs included in the band’s debut album are “Little Monster,” “You Can Be So Cruel,” and “Careless.” The duo’s hard rock sound is mixed with a touch of garage and modern blues rock, which has helped the band earn moderate success and garnered them mainstream attention.

Recent interviews with the band have confirmed what Royal Blood fans are anxiously awaiting – a second album! The boys are currently working on writing songs for their next album and are set to tour across the country with Foo Fighters this summer.

So if you’re getting tired of listening to the same songs over and over again and you’re looking for a new band to invest some time in, than look no further than Royal Blood.

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